Exhibition 1

Vintage x Reproduction

It is displayed vintage denims that worth over 15 million yen for total selected by Yutaka Fujihara and re-produced denims by craftsmen at YutoRi18. It will be released the know-how and techniques for reproducing the characteristics of each vintage denims.

Also, Vintage denims that owned by Ryuji Imaichi (The 3rd J SOUL BROTHERS), who is close friend with Mr. Fujihara and known as a vintage denim collector, will be exhibited. The venue: Art Torajiro Kojima Memorial Museum

Yutaka Fujihara

A director of Ber Ber Jin at Harajuku

He is the represent of the shop and involved in the denim industry in general as a vintage denim advisor. He builds trust by core enthusiasts and leads recent vintage boom. The total number of views on his YouTube has exceeded 4.8 million.


Ryuji Imaichi

He is a vocal of the J SOUL BROTHERS Ⅲ and he started his solo project from January in 2018. He has launched his original apparel brand “RILY”. He is known as a lover of vintage denim with his vintage denim series in fashion magazines.

Venue: Torajiro Kojima Memorial Hall
Address: 3-1 Honmachi, Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture