Connecting the hidden possibilities of the local industry to the future

Variety of personalities from global artists to unique children are connected and create arts. For the works, it is re-used the remnants from denim manufacturing companies in Kojima.It is focused on denim as a “work” not just a “product” and reconsidered its true value.We would like to show the attracts and possibilities of denim and get more variety of people interested.Also, we hope to make the local industries in Kojima more developed together with craftsmen have different backgrounds and experiences.

SETO INLAND LINK will expand “new values of the industries”.

 Vintage x Reproduction
 Denim × Distance from people
 Art brings out the potential of children – Clothes for your loved ones
 A modern BORO
 Denim craftsman’s technical skills x student’s ability to express themselves
KURASHIKI TOUR by Poggy the man
Denim Art Spun by Everyone
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Denim Art Spun by Everyone

October7(Sat.)~9 (Mon., holiday), 2023


Saturday 7, Sunday 8, 9:30 – 20:00
9(Mon., Holiday) 9:30-19:00


Kurashiki Monogatarikan、
Art Torajiro Kojima Memorial Museum、Ryokan KURASAKI

entrance fee